Rag doll Cat Adoption – Whether a Rescue or a Kitten – Resources to Help Your Find Your Soulmate

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When it is time to add to or start your Ragdoll family the question of whether or not to adopt a kitten or rescue an older Ragdoll always arises.  Those who rescue older Ragdolls are true godsends, but nothing is cuter than a beautiful little ball of fluff that is a kitten. 

If you decide on a kitten then you must decide whether it will be a show cat or not.  This will help you decide on a breeder versus other avenues to locate a kitten.  While not all kittens from breeders will be show cats some breeders are better known for show cats then others.

Kittens and older cats can also be found at local shelters or rescue organizations if you are willing to look.  Call or go online to see if any Ragdolls are available.  Remember Ragdolls are often mistaken for other breeds.

No matter what you decide to do as far as a cat or kitten make sure your home is ready for the newest addition.  Have a cat window bed for your new friend to relax in and maybe a lotus cat tree to scratch on.  A few cat snacks are never a bad idea either. Enjoy your new addition.

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