QUIT IT!™ Training Aide Review

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QUIT IT!™ Training Aide Review

QUIT IT™ Training Aide ReviewQUIT IT!™ was sent to us and I had no idea it was coming.  So when we received it, I wasn’t sure what it was for and whether or not I wanted to check it out.  Usually when companies are asking for us to review something, I really look at it before requesting a sample because I don’t want to waste their money or time if I don’t have initial interest.

So nonetheless, I was pleased that QUIT IT™ came because I LOVE IT.

QUIT IT™, when activated, emits a hissing sound that triggers your cat to stop the behavior they’re doing that you don’t like – like scratching, chewing, jumping, fighting, etc.

It reminds me very much of those dust removers you use on your computer keyboard.  So it’s compressed air with a bit of a different sound.  I like that it doesn’t hurt them at all – just startles them.

We have had some household stress here and as a result Charlie and Trigg seem to be fighting a bit more – and I have really appreciated having QUIT IT during this time because I used to separate them and have to keep them apart for 15 minutes or so – but with QUIT IT, I just “spray” it and they both get so startled that they immediately stop the fighting.  So to say that QUIT IT™ arrived at the perfect time for us would be an understatement.

I would love to have a can of QUIT IT™ in every room of my house.

You can buy QUIT IT! here.

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We received the QUIT IT!™ Training Aide from the manufacturer’s PR company. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.


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  1. Just ordered Quitit- hoping it will break up scuffles between Andy and Emily. The spray bottle full or water works, but I’m tired of cleaning of water and have sprayed mirrors before which is a hassle! This sounds like a better idea.

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