QuadBrush™ Ultimate Pet Toothbrush

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When talking about grooming your pets, one thing to consider is brushing their teeth! It is one way to make your pet live healthy and happy.
When it comes to Cat Grooming Products, Bamboo Care is here to offer us a hand in making brushing your cats’ teeth easier and a quick one. It is designed uniquely and is comfortable and safe for your lovable cats.
QuadBrush™ Ultimate Pet Toothbrush
The QuadBrush™ Ultimate Pet Toothbrush has 4 bristle heads for a complete and thorough cleaning of the teeth. There are 3 bristle heads that surrounds the teeth to easily clean all 3 tooth surface areas in just one motion. While the 4th head brush can assist you in opening your cat’s mouth while cleansing the opposing tooth. The 4 heads of the toothbrush has a soft feature that can’t harm your cat’s mouth or tongue, plus it is okay if they tend to bite it.

For easy handling and avoiding a slippery grip during brushing, a comfort handle is designed with rubber grips. Also included in the pack is a brush cover to maintain the cleanliness and safety during every brush.

Cat Connection tagged this QuadBrush™ Ultimate Pet Toothbrush at $6.99. It is available in three colors to pick from: pink, green and blue.

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