Q&A with Jenny Dean of Floppycats on YouTube

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Just made this video yesterday based on a request from a YouTube subscriber and wondered what your thoughts were…do you want me to continue to do these sort of things?  Of course, we will still continue to offer the types of videos we have in the past – this will just be added into the mix.  Please share your thoughts and opinions – I will not be offended if you don’t like these!  Also, it is completely OK to fall in love with Ragdoll cat, Caymus.


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  1. I enjoyed your video and learning a bit more about you! I think if you enjoy doing these Q&A videos then you should continue to do them. 🙂 <3

    And, of course, I fell complete in lurve with Caymus (who apparently lurves to be held by you!) and Murphy (so adorable, too)!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. It’s painful for me to re-watch this video as all I want to do is hold Caymus again. It’s the first thing I do when I get to my parents’ house – look for Caymus…and meanwhile, an hour, my dad is saying, “Jenny, put that poor cat down.”

      Thanks, Patti – if the questions come, I don’t mind doing the videos…I noticed I must not have been clear in the video though – as many people started asking me questions that you would ask a cat behaviorist or a vet. I thought I had made it clear that it was more of a Q&A about me or things that happen with having this website. Oh well…we’ll see how it evolves. I can’t answer cat behaviorist or a vet type of questions – as I am not certified or properly educated.

      1. lol about your dad’s comment. Silly father. Doesn’t he know that Caymus wants you to hold him furever? 🙂 <3

        Well, it's early days. Hopefully, folks will learn that you can't give them specific info on those two subjects.

        Great job for your first effort with this type of video!

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      2. My pleasure! Oh, and I totally spaced on mentioning the air freshener thingy. Such a great piece of education there! I had no idea that the plugins were toxic to kitties! Thankfully, we don’t use them! 🙂 <3

  2. Jenny, Great to see you on the other side of the camera. I think that these videos will be quite helpful for cat parents; I did not kow that about air fresheners Only have one in my laundry room which I plug in occasionally, but no more! Camus is so beautiful. My Widget would not stay in my arms like that at all! Videos are a good idea. thanks, Chris Chocallo Sarasota, FL

      1. Hi Jenny–Enjoyed the video and seeing you and Caymus (My Annie would never stay for so long!), and appreciated learning about the air fresheners: something I never knew. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. Annie and George’s furmom.

    1. thanks, chris – however, these videos were intended more for questions about me or questions about running floppycats, etc….since i am not a certified cat behaviorist or a vet, i morally can’t answer cat behavior or vet questions. but, yes, i can offer things like the air fresheners….just say no to air fresheners!

  3. I really enjoyed the video and I too learned something new. That was very interesting about the air fresheners as I was considering putting one or two in our house. Of course, now I have definitely decided NOT to put any in at all. I always enjoy ALL your videos, whether they are you with your cats outside our relaying information like this. You post them and we will watch always! Thank you Jenny and happy belated birthday! 🙂

  4. Hi Jenny and all your Floppycats family! Happy 37th birthday! Hope you and your sweet kitties are all having a great day. Love your first video with questions and answers about you and Floppycats. I always like seeing you on the videos just because we hear your voice every day and think it is great for you to be in the videos too sometimes!

    Floppycats embodies so much more than just a cat website that reviews great products. It is because of YOU and all the love and hard work you put into it. Your love and devotion to your kitties (Rags, Caymus, Murphy, Charlie, Trigg and now even Ash and Addie), shines through in every video.

    Thank you for making such a difference in all our kitties lives with the great reviews of wonderful and innovative products and all the excellent information that we learn that keeps our kitties healthy and safe. ♥♥♥

    1. Teresa, you took the words right out of my mouth (or off my fingers!) I just logged in to say something similar. Jenny, I really enjoy your layback style and personality and, as Teresa put it so well, the love you have for your cats and Caymus and Murphy really shines through. Honestly it sometimes chokes me up because you interact with your cats exactly the same way I do with mine and it just makes me realise how completely besotted we are with our little furry ones. Love that crazy cat talk you use! Please keep up the fantastic work you do and I really look forward to more Q&A videos.

      1. Ha ha ha – I went to a pet trade show last year and a guy loves my cat talk. He wanted me to do it. I couldn’t replicate it without a cat…and then someone walked by with a dog later on, and I knelt down to say hello to the dog and the cat voice started…so it works on all animals. Ha.

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