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Purrsonals logoHave you ever heard of Purrsonals? It’s a website where cat lovers’ can meet and discuss – you might even find a date on it. I had seen Purrsonals featured on the Ellen show a few years back, but have since found out that the creator of Purrsonals, Sonny Crane, is a Ragdoll cat owner! In fact, Sonny just featured his Ragdoll cats, Sam and Murray as Ragdolls of the Week on Monday!

I asked Sonny for an interview about Purrsonals.

Thanks to Sonny for being willing to do an interview with us!

Sonny Crane has been in the pet business manufacturing pet products for the past twenty years and fell in love with cats when his wife got him to agree to get a cat since he was doing so much traveling. Soon one became two cats and the love affair started way back in 1985. As a result all these years later, he wanted to develop some type of site for his wife to run all about cats and when Purrsonals started to grow, he decided to assist her in the day to day operations of it.

What is http://www.purrsonals.com/?

Purrsonals.com is a combination dating and social site devoted to cat lovers
for getting together whether for just cat chat or a possible romance with a fellow cat lover.

What made you want to do it?

My wife was very interested in starting up a site about cats and was not sure what to do exactly. So one night came up with this name, very surprised no one had that already and decided to turn it into a full fledge site for cat lovers to meet and greet.

How long has it been online?

The site is up for the past three years now.

How did you end up on the Ellen Show?

Ellen was doing a week of cat shows and she did her own research on finding dating sites that were different than the most popluar like Match.com and others and gave us a nice quick story and was able tot run that into a fun cat joke too.

Is it only for people looking to date?

The sites main purpose is to bring fellow cat lovers together for any reason. Chatting is great as well as trying to find a partner who loves cats as much as they do.

Does it cost anything to join the site?

The site is completely free to join.

Do you have any fun matchmaking stories to share?

I have not heard of any matches yet but you never know.

What’s next for http://www.purrsonals.com/?

Trying to make this the go to site for any cat lover to go and meet like minded people who just love cats.


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