Purrrfect Deluxe Cat Toy Gift Set

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Purrrfect Deluxe Cat Toy Gift SetEncased in a wonderful, carry-all, see-through bag, this gift set may be the right one to give to a cat owner or one that will be perfect for your own pet. It is highly presentable and inside the bag, you will find that these gifts will make any feline extremely happy. These cat toys are made from natural and durable hemp material and contains organic catnip. Look at the treats for cats are inside the Purrrfect Deluxe Cat Toy Gift Set:

  • Shelby the Mouse Hemp Cat Toy
  • Shelby the Refillable Mouse Hemp Cat Toy
  • Catnip Spray Bottle
  • Cork Ball
  • 0.5 oz of Catnip Leaf & Flower

Even if the cat is a bit lazy, they will jump up and play with the catnip-filled hemp toy.

When you give the Purrrfect Deluxe Cat Toy Gift Set away, the cat owner will be delighted and when they they see their cat playing with the toys, they will become even more pleased. This cat gift set is highly affordable and can be given away as a thank you gift or just to be able to share some joy with a fellow cat lover.

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