PurrPlex Cat Furniture

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PurrPlex Cat Furniture

Consolidate your cat’s litter box, food area, sleeping area and more with the PurrPlex Cat Furniture. The PurrPlex is complete cat furniture. It keeps all of your cat’s stuff in one place, while keeping dogs and children out.

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How the PurrPlex works:

Cats enter through 2 holes on the left side. The lower hole leads to the bedroom area which can be used for a second litter box. The upper hole leads to the litter box area. You can either make the lower or upper shelf for the litter box area or for the bedroom or visa versa. From the upper level, a cat can jump to the roof where the dining and lounge are located. This is best understood by watching this video:


The pantry is 12″ wide x 13″ deep x 29″ high with an adjustable shelf. The litter box area is 16.5″ wide x 21″ deep x 16″ high – which should accommodate most litter boxes. Be sure to measure your litter box, if you are considering ordering one.

PurrPlex Cat Furniture Feature Functions:

  • Bedroom (which can be used for a second litter box)
  • Bathroom (litter box area)
  • Pantry (big enough for a bag of food, a big bottle of litter, bags, scoop,
  • Roof-top Dining Area
  • Roof-top Lounge (where our cat is most of the time, therefore, she gets
    attention everytime you walk by. Therefore, the name changed from Casa del Gato
    to Cat Haven to PurrPlex)
  • Walk-off hallways to keep your home clean.
  • Keeps dogs out!

Available Colors:

PurrPlex Colors

More Like This

  • Wild Cherry
  • Antique White
  • Black

Originally the PurrPlex was made out of 3/4″ MDF with therma-fused melamine. Purely to cut shipping weight, not quality, after their stock is sold, the PurrPlex will be made with 5/8″ MDF, except the Cherry because it isn’t available in 5/8″. The outside if high density plastic laminate, so it is easy to wipe down.

The PurrPlex comes in pieces with instructions on how to assemble it. However, if you do not have tools, or the time to do-it-yourself, PurrPlex will put together the furniture for you for an additional $40.

If you have multiple cats, you can put two litter boxes into the Purrplex and eliminate the bedroom area (especially if your kitty has a favorite spot in your house). Most people like to keep the litter box on the second level to make it dog proof.

PurrPlex Video on YouTube


Cushions for the Purrplex:

The Purrplex also has cushions available at an additional cost. There are 12 different fabric choices Washable 100% cotton quilted cushion for top or bedroom. 16.5 inches x 19.5 inches. Price is per cushion (since some people may want to use the bedroom area for a second litter box) Click on any image to enlarge. See the Purrplex Cushions here.


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