Purrlala Cat Window Perch Unboxing Product Review Arrival Video

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We received a new product to review in the mail yesterday! This one is a cat window perch from Purrlala.

Years ago, when I started this cat blog, we reviewed the Sunny Seat cat window bed – and I have been told this one is like the Sunny Seat on crack.

The Purrlala cat window bed is a hammock style cat bed that suction cups to a window in your home. I installed it on one of our windows that is of the newer variety – installed in 2005, rather than 1940.  You have to install it on a clean surface, but also on a non-cracked window – and I didn’t want to risk cracking my 1940s windows.

Do you think you or your cat would be interested in a cat window perch?  Why or why not?


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  1. Great product arrival video and post, Jenny! I really enjoyed watching the video yesterday. Thank you for being so honest about how hard that canvas fabric is to stretch and how tight those snaps are to close! Definitely would be impossible for me to do that with my hand situation (never-damage from diabetes). 🙂

    Not sure if Miss PSB would like one of these or not. Kinda of a mute point for us. Since our apartment faces west we only have so much time during the “sunny months” where we can have our blinds open due to the massive glare and extra heat that darned old sun creates. For that reason alone having a window perch attached to any of our windows is not possible. However, we do have Miss PSB’s beloved stair-step thingy and her small cat tower/scratching post thingy in front of the big window in our living room so she gets a chance to look outside in the early morning hours before the sun starts to glare or generate extra heat and then again in the evening after the sun starts to go behind the building across the way from us. Plus, she will go between the closed blinds for the living room window (as they are vertical blinds covering sliding glass doors that lead to the tiniest french balcony I’ve ever seen…) during the day as she wishes. So, she gets plenty of outdoor looking time in during her day. 🙂 <3

    Looking forward to the final product review video and how the fabric held up after being washed and dried (i.e., did it shrink or not). 🙂

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. you’re welcome, patti. my thumbs were not happy after that effort! what i like about reviews is that it helps manufacturers know what changes they need to make – for example, they are thinking about offering an assembled version now.

      …knowing you, you’d need a “cloudy cold window perch” rather than a “sunny perch” =)

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