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Vee PURRfect Crunchy Feather Cat ToyKeeping active and engaged is necessary for a happy and healthy cat. Cats are naturally inclined to hunt even though they appear to only nap. Between naps they are on the prowl. This can provide a problem for your indoor cat. Your feet, pillows, furniture and socks can only keep them occupied for so long.

Enter the Purrfect brand Crunchy Feather Cat Toy. Not only is it a great feather toy, but it is also crunchy. The secret is a crunchy plastic that is enclosed in feathers at one end and at the other end are colorful natural feathers. When your cat gets tired of playing with one end, simply turn it around and they have a brand new toy.

The neck of the toy flexes for a better bounce. All of the feathers are natural and there are no metal parts. This toy is from Vee Enterprises and will give your cat hours of healthy, natural and engaging fun to satisfy his natural instincts and desires. This is the kind of toy he needs to occupy those long upcoming winter hours. And of course you can join in on the fun using this toys 32 inch wand.

Let the pouncing begin.


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