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Charlie and Purr and Simple All-Natural Cat Litter Kwik Klump Formula
Charlie and Purr and Simple All-Natural Cat Litter Kwik Klump Formula

Charlie and Purr and Simple All-Natural Cat Litter Kwik Klump FormulaSorry for the delay in posting this – my computer has had a nasty computer virus and I am WAY behind in getting caught up with everything.

When I was introduced to Purr and Simple All Natural Cat Litter through the agency that handles their account, I was very interested in learning more and waited to request a sample.  When I finally asked for a sample, I was pleased with what we received.

They sent us Purr and Simple All-Natural Cat Litter Kwik Klump Formula to review.  Purr and Simple All-Natural Cat Litter is made from nutshells (genius).

The Kwik Klump formula comes in a granular, clumping form, rather than a pellet form, like their original litter.

Things I like about the Kwik Klump formula:

  • 100% Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Fast Clumping
Caymus using Purr and Simple
Caymus using Purr and Simple

The only thing that concerned me about Purr and Simple is the fact that the cats’ white mitts turned to a light brown after they used the litter.  Purr and Simple cat litter is the first litter that we have tried that is VERY dark.  So, in other words, other litters might do this as well, but it is not as easily seen, if that makes sense.  I contacted Purr and Simple and asked about their dark paws because I was concerned about the cats having an allergic reaction to it. They replied, “We had our litter tested by the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergen Research Facility. The results came back with only 14 ppm of detectable proteins from tree nuts. This was such a low level that the variety of nut protein could not be determined. An animal, or human would have to be extremely sensitive to tree nuts to have a reaction. We intentionally state that our product is made from by-products from of tree nut crops. We are glad to hear that you and Charlie are “Loving it”.”

Trigg using Purr and Simple
Trigg using Purr and Simple

With that said, Charlie and Trigg showed no signs of an allergic reaction and I purposely waited until the entire bag of litter was used up before I did this review.  Although it tracks a bit (there is no litter that I have tested that doesn’t end up out of the litter box in some manner), it doesn’t stain.

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I LOVE this litter and love that it is made out of a biodegradable product, not to mention that it is made from a product that might otherwise be thrown out.

Charlie and Trigg both used the litter on a regular basis and Caymus (my mom’s cat) came to visit while we were product testing it and he had no problem using it at all – and Caymus is used to clay litter.  In fact, when he arrived, he went straight to the litter box and went without a second thought.

Here is a video I took of Caymus using the litter box.  This video will show you how the Kwik Klump litter clumps.

Here is the video I took when we first got the litter.  Charlie is so stinkin’ cute.

Have you tried this litter?  How do you like it?

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  1. I’m trying the non-clumping formula now. I’m also not used to the dark color, but with the nonclumping the paw discoloration doesn’t seem to be an issue. However, the litter is the same color as poop which makes finding the solids a little more challenging!

    While I enjoy using clumping litter, I do find that it always tracks more. So, I’m curious what the pellets are going to do. I plan to post a review also.

      1. Yes, on my website, lightgreenstairs.

        I think that these pellets don’t break down like Feline Pine does, so there should be less tracking. I’m just in the first days of it though.

        I guess clumping litter is just finer, so more likely to get carried about.

      2. Please do send me or post a link to your review when it is up – I would love to check it out. Thanks, Jenny

  2. I am researching cat litters for our indoor cats (6) and came across your website-(your cats are beautiful, by the way!) As an artist I noticed the cat pee you scooped from Caymus was in the shape of a sitting cat. I know not many may notice this, but the artist in me sees cat, horse, dog, and other animal shapes in clouds, oil spills on roads, etc.

  3. Bought Purr and Simple for the first time last Oct/12. Was sold on it right away. Little to no dust and controls odors extremely well were the biggest selling features for me. I’m pretty careful with my spending and this product definitely costs more then traditional litter but its so worth it. The room that stores the litter box no longer has litter dust covering everything. Product changed to Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh. Same great product. Not sure tho if this product is flushable as the Purr & Simple said their product was flushable. Great product. Will continue to buy it despite the extra cost.

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