Purr and Simple All Natural Cat Litter Arrives for Product Testing at Floppycats.com!

Post Published on March 30, 2011 | Last Updated on March 30, 2011 by Jenny

Purr and Simple All Natural Cat LitterEver since we found out about Purr & Simple, we have anxiously be awaiting it’s arrival. 

Purr & Simple makes two kinds of cat litter:

  • A Pellet Formula that is non-clumping, low tracking
  • A Fast Clumping Action that has superior odor control, long lasting and 100% natural and biodegradable.

Their litter is made from tree-nut crops – they use the shell of the tree nut to make the litter.

We got the 8 lb bag of the Kwik Klump Formula that comes with 2 lbs free!

I love that this litter is 100% natural, biodegradable and made from annually renewable resources.  So this is a great environmentally friendly product with a low carbon footprint.  How about that!

Now, we just need to product test it for tracking, dust, how it clumps, how the cats like it and use it over the other litter box and what sort of smell there is associated with it.

You can check out the quick opening video that I shot with Charlie.

At Floppy Cats, we keep you updated with cat products that are available on the market. Just think of us as yourRagdoll Cat Guide – we’ll do the homework on cat products, so you don’t have to.

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