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Last Updated on April 23, 2014 by Jenny

**UPDATE** April 23, 2014 – I do not feed my cats PureBites any more – they ended up having extensive vomiting from them.

The beautiful thing about Pure Bites cat treats is that they are made with only 1 ingredient – the meat or fish that is the flavor of the treats!

PureBites® offers three different flavors of cat treats:

  • Chicken Breast
  • Beef
  • Milk

As you will see in the videos below, Charlie and Trigg, Ragdoll kittens, absolutely loved Pure Bites Cat Treats. We loved PureBites too because they are 100% pure and rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy pet.

We actually keep all of our products in a box, in a closet and Charlie not only opened the closet door, but jumped up on the shelf to get to the PureBites. He was really proud of himself for his accomplishment. They must have a pretty strong odor, if Charlie can smell them through the bag, through the closet and through the box.

When treats have a really strong odor to a cat (they weren’t strong for our human noses), that is a great thing for older cats. Cats rely a lot on smell to eat their food, so when the smell isn’t pungent sometimes they will not take it.

In conclusion, PureBites, because they have no added fillers or anything along those lines, are great for not only kittens but also for cats.

Why We Love PureBites

  • They’re Simple
  • They’re Not Messy
  • They’re 100% Natural
  • Our Cats Love Them

Order PureBites

Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat (0.39 oz)

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2 thoughts on “Pure Bites Cat Treats

  1. Crystal Wyse says:

    As the owner of an independently owned pet butique committed to only bringing in the safest and healthiest of foods and treats, I’m saddened that you were so easily duped into believing the ‘healthy’ part of PureBites. I stay away from those types of products that can be mass produced enough to be in all major chains and have that low of a price because I have to ask myself, can high quality ingredients be available in enough quantities to supply the big box stores as well as being so low in price? And the answer is no. I wish it could. I also ask about where ingredients are sourced from and produced and what type of testing they do on their various meat sources. There was just a report out about the amount of heavy metals found in PureBites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treats. Thought you might want to know.


    • Crystal Wyse says:

      Meant to add….you may want to try Bravo. From free range (no antibiotic or growth hormones) meats and mercury free waters. 🙂 For my cat customers, they have Cod, Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, and Lobster. A company that does test their products routinely.

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