TopCat Sisal Scratching Post


TopCat Sisal Scratching Posts are durable, sturdy scratching posts for your cats. TopCat is dedicated to keeping kitties’ paws intact, and they make great products for cats to scratch instead of your furniture.


TopCat Sisal Scratching Post is a cat scratching product that is covered in sisal. Sisal is a tough, sustainable and biodegradable plant fiber. It is a great alternative to scratching posts with carpet because it is eco-friendly and it doesn’t teach your kitty that scratching carpet is an okay behavior. Carpet covered scratching posts can be trouble because they can teach your cat that carpet is for scratching! If your sisal covered post wears out, you can get a replacement post from the company.

The design is simple, and the scratching post is very sturdy, which encourages your cat to scratch because they feel more confident in the structure of the post. This company also makes a scratching pad for the floor, but my cats preferred the posts.

Kittens will love to use this post for play, but older cats might need more encouragement to use this. Try putting some of their toys on top of the post or some catnip on the post to make it more appealing to them. You could also try putting the post part of the scratching toy on the floor, so it’s not as intimidating. Overall, I really like this scratching stand, and I like the company that sells them. They are strongly against declawing kitties and make products to stop cats from scratching furniture. They also give to shelters and pet welfare organizations.

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