Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy is an all-natural cat stress reliever. It can be used on many different animals, and is popular with trainers, boarders, and professionals.


Pet Remedy is a natural anxiety and stress-reducing product for cats. Cats can become anxious fairly easily from a number of situations and events, such as changes in the home, moving, traveling, change in routine, noise phobias, being home alone, and separation anxiety. If you notice that your cat’s behavior has changed, and there isn’t a medical reason for it, it could be that she is experiencing anxiety. Some behaviors to watch out for are spraying, hiding, not coming out around family or other animal companions, excessive grooming, change in eating and drinking habits, going outside the litter box, and aggression. This product is really nice because it isn’t anything your cat has to ingest, and it is completely safe. It has a neutral pH, and is clinically proven to work with all species safely and effectively. It is made with Valerian, sweet basil, sage, and vetiver and is in liquid form to be sprayed or diffused. You can use this in an 8-week diffuser (great for using continuously), in a pet room, safe room for a new pet, in a vehicle, on clothing, a handkerchief, crate, carrying case, bed, or other pet items. This can make circumstances that normally cause a high level of stress, like a trip to the vet, a bit easier.

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