Pet Buddies Cat Food Can Covers

The Pet Buddies Cat Food Can Cover is a plastic lid for cat food cans. They help to keep cat food fresh and smells from seeping out into your refrigerator.

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**These are no longer available – I now prefer EcoLeo Pet Food Can Covers 

The Pet Buddies Cat Food Can Cover is a silicone cat food cover to seal partially used cans of cat food so you can use them again. They save your fridge from unwanted soft cat food odors, which is nice for people who really hate the smell of soft food. It also keeps your cat food fresh.

They are shaped like cat heads, with ears along the edge which make it really easy to pull the covers off of the cans. If you have arthritis or difficulty getting your fingers under a cat food cover with a narrow lip, these would be a better option for you. They come in different colors that match bowls made by the same company (sold separately). This might be handy if you are going out of town and have picky cats and need to color code the food for your pet sitter, or if your cats like different food and you want to keep them separate in the fridge and not mix them up. These are dishwasher safe on the top rack, and can fit either a 5-ounce can or a 12-ounce can of cat food. Reviewers also said that they fit their 5-ounce cans of tuna fish. These cat food can lids are sold in packs of three on Amazon.

Pet Buddies Cat Food Can Covers Product Review Video (sort of because I wasn’t planning on reviewing them – but this is footage I shot while using them)

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