Pawradise Deshedding Pet Brush

The Pawradise Deshedding Brush is a double-sided pet hair brush for combing stray fur out from the undercoat of your cat. Used regularly, it can prevent mats and tangles, keeping your cat’s coat healthy and stopping damage to their skin.


The brush has two different sides you can use. The first side has 9 teeth and is for smooth dematting, with a large gap between each tooth ensuring you can use it without getting too caught up in your cat’s fur.

The reverse side has 17 finer teeth, spaced closer together. This side is good for thinning out your cat’s coat quickly, removing the highest volume of loose fur, great when they are shedding their coat.

The teeth have been sharpened and designed to snag as much fur as possible, but they have rounded edges to prevent any damage or irritation to your cat’s skin. Just make sure you use it carefully near any sensitive areas to avoid upsetting your kitty.

Pawradise Deshedding Pet Brush with Ragdolls

Because the teeth are curved over, they gather the loose fur as you use the brush, keeping it tightly held together. You can then just use your hand to pull the fur from the teeth and dispose of it.

Because the Pawradise Deshedding Brush is effective, it will remove a lot of loose fur in just a few minutes, and it won’t clump it all together. With that in mind, you may prefer to use this outdoors, so that you aren’t getting fur embedded in your carpets or furniture.

The handle has an ergonomic design with a ridged rubber grip. This makes it easier for you to hold for longer periods, so you don’t get fatigue in your arm which could cause you to accidentally slip and hurt your cat during a grooming session.

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