PawNosh Cubby Mini Glass Pet Bowl

The PawNosh Cubby Mini Glass Pet Bowl is a beautiful glass cat food dish. It is heavy enough to prevent your cat from pushing water and food around the floor, but light and small enough to easily pick up.



The PawNosh Cubby Mini Glass Pet Bowl is a super pretty cat food dish that is very safe for your kitties and easy to clean. They are made in the USA out of recycled glass sourced from California. Glass is the best cat dish option for your pet because all glass food dishes must be safe for humans to use as well. Glass cat food dishes don’t harbor bacteria like plastic does, or have lead concerns, like some ceramic dishes. They have an ergonomic handle at the bottom of the dish, so they are easy to pick up off the floor with one hand. These small glass cat dishes are dishwasher safe, which is important to me, but they are NOT safe for the freezer, oven, or microwave and using them in those will void the lifetime breakage warranty. These are eco-friendly and sustainable- rather than using plastic dishes until they are gross or broken, it is worth it to pay a little more for a glass cat bowl that will last and not lose quality. They come in three colors – blue, green, and orange. These are small cat food bowls and hold 5 ounces, so they can hold a can of cat food but save space in the dishwasher and cupboards.

Cats see light differently than humans do and are more sensitive to it. Your cat may be unsure of the glass dish at first because of the way it reflects light, but you could encourage them to use it by putting treats in it, or waiting until they are really hungry to put food in them.

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Buying Options

You can buy the Mini bowls on PawNosh’s website for $45/each and save 10% when you use promo code, FLOPPY10.

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