Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Multipuzzle Toy

Challenge your kitty, keep them entertained and engaged and reward them with treats all with this fun puzzle from Outward Hound. It’s a safe toy that requires your kitty to carry out multiple steps in order to win their prize, which is up to 1 cup of food. Scroll down to see our videos!


Outward Hound’s range of puzzle toys are really engaging. Originally designed for dogs but equally interesting for cats, these toys have hidden compartments that can be filled with snacks. In order to find the food, your cat will have to work out how to access these compartments.

The Multipuzzle is one of the ‘Expert’ level toys created by Outward Hound, which means that it requires your cat to do multiple steps (the clue’s in the name) in a certain order if they want to get to the food.

There are various different areas where food can be hidden on the toy. The outside layer has various movable square blocks that slide around. In the center are orange pegs that can keep some of the blocks in place, or prevent the central circle from turning. With lots of options, you can keep your kitty engaged with the toy for longer periods, stimulating their brain and getting them to think creatively.

The toy is made from a robust, brightly-colored plastic that is BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free, which simply means that you don’t need to worry about your cat chewing at or licking the plastic surfaces since they are non-toxic.

And despite the toy being made from multiple intricate parts, none of them are removable – even under duress of extended play. There’s no choking risk and no chance of parts getting lost, rendering the toy boring or useless. Instead, your cat will just enjoy a long-lasting and entertaining toy that will sate that urge to hunt for their food.

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