Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Challenge Slider Toy

Outward Hound’s Challenge Slider toy will help to stimulate your cat physically and mentally. It has a range of hidden compartments that can be filled with treats, waiting to be discovered once your cat works out how to slide the blocks out of the way. Scroll down to see our videos!


The toy is designed to work like a classic slider puzzle, although unlike human slider puzzles there’s no complex picture to arrange on top! Instead, each space underneath has a recess that you can fit a couple of dry treats into.

Once your cat has worked out that there are hidden treats by sniffing around the toy, they’ll need to work out how to slide the blocks around using their paws or nose. Once they’ve worked that out, they’ll be able to think more about sliding the different blocks around in order to find all of the treats.

Filling it is simple. Rather than having to slide the blocks around yourself to access each recess, you can simply pull out the tray underneath, letting you quickly top it up before sliding it back into place.

The toy is square-shaped and is 14.7 inches wide/long. It’s made from a tough and brightly-colored plastic, each tile having interesting shapes molded into them. They are dog-themed, as the toy was originally made for dogs, but it’ll still be interesting for your cat. The plastic used is free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate, which means it’s non-toxic and safe for your kitty to eat from.

Because your cat has to work their brain to understand the need to move the tiles, and then work out how to physically slide them around, this helps to keep your cat fully stimulated and entertained, and can help to reduce destructive behaviors sometimes associated with boredom.

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