Neko Flies Cat Wand Toy and Attachments

The Neko Flies Cat Wand Toy and Attachments is an interactive cat toy that my cats love! It is a cat teaser wand that mimmicks real life movement and gets kitties excited.


The Neko Flies Cat Wand Toy and Attachments is, in my opinion, one of the best cat wand toys I’ve reviewed or used. I have used many that just don’t quite get the mechanics or movement right and my cats aren’t all that interested in for very long. This teaser wand has a hook on the end, and you can attach different Wand Toy Attachments to the end of it, to change it up for your kitties or find the ones that really get them excited.

The way it is built is practically perfect. The metal clasp rotates the wand, so the string doesn’t get tangled while you are playing. They have many different bug and animal attachments to choose from. The attachments are weighted and designed so they move in a way that catches my kitties’ attention and keeps them interested. They inspire natural hunting and stalking skills, which can help entertain your kitties and reduce frustration and boredom in small spaces, and get overweight cats moving more. Cat teaser toys are great for kids who are learning to play with cats or for disabled or elderly cat owners with limited mobility. The wand also makes a fly-fishing kind of sound that my cats really like (and I do too!).

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