Hemp Cat Toys

The hemp cat toys from are aimed to give your cat a very exciting experience. Made from fully biodegradable hemp fabric and filled with organic catnip, these toys are going be a thrill for your cat. There are several toy models available, which you can buy individually or you can purchase one of the boxes that include a set of toys.

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All cats love toys and most cats love catnip. If your cat is one of the many that responds to catnip, then it is bound to love the hemp toys from because they are filled with organic catnip.

They are made from fully biodegradable hemp fabric and each of them is filled with catnip to give your cat an extra nudge to play. It’s double the fun for your cat with hemp toys because they get to play all while enjoying the euphoric effects of catnip. offers several toys – the Hemp Tail, the Hemp Sock, the Hemp Pouch, the Hemp Pillow, the Hemp Mouse, the Hemp Fish, and the Hemp Turtle.

They are all made from organic and safe ingredients – hemp fabric, organic catnip blend, food colorant that is safe to lick, knotted hemp rope, buckwheat hulls, and fresh valerian roots. It all makes for a very fun toy that is also safe for your furry friends.

The hemp toys from are available for individual purchase, but you can also opt for one of the boxes available on the site. The Hemp Box, for instance, includes a 9 hemp toys (which covers all the toy models) and hemp rope, which your cat is going to love playing with.

If you want to see how Charlie and Trigg responded to the hemp toys, then take a look at the Floppycats review of the catnip toys from It’s no spoiler to say that they loved them! Hemp Cat Toys Product Review Unboxing Video Hemp Cat Toys Product Review Video

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