Litter Robot Open Air Accessory Kit Product Review – Fence, Ramp, Waste Drawer Liners and Carbon Filters

The Litter Robot Open Air Accessory Kit is designed for use with the Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Litter Box. It includes a ramp to aid access to the Litter Robot and a fence to help control litter scatter. It also includes waste drawer liners and four odor-controlling carbon filters.


The Litter Robot Open Air Accessory Kit includes four items to make using the Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Litter Box more convenient for you and your cat. You can watch the unboxing and review videos to see the pieces as they arrive and in use.
The Accessory Kit comes with four carbon filters. You use one at a time by fitting it into place over the vent inside the Litter Robot. The filter does a very decent job of minimizing odors and lasts roughly six months to one year.

The kit’s ramp is a good addition and is especially user-friendly for older cats who might have trouble climbing into the Litter Robot. I discovered the added benefit of it collecting stray litter scatter, reducing how much gets spread about and it aids clean up, as well.

Litter scatter control, however, is really the job of the kit’s fence. It isn’t a hindrance to your cat entering and leaving the Litter Robot, plus it fits easily into place and is also easy to remove. You get several waste drawer liners in the kit. Each liner fits snugly into the tray to help collect and dispose of waste – no mess, no fuss.

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