Kittyo Cat Camera and Treat Dispenser


The Kittyo Cat Camera and Treat Dispenser is a camera, remote toy, and treat dispenser in one that works with a phone app. It allows you to watch and interact with your kitty while you are away.

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The Kittyo Cat Camera and Treat Dispenser is a cat camera and cat treat dispenser that allows you to see and talk to your cat while you are away, and to give her treats. This camera is fully interactive and works with an app on your phone. You can talk to your cat and she can hear you through the unit. There is a laser that you can control with the touchscreen on your phone to play with her or get her attention. You can also dispense treats and the camera unit makes a sound like a treat bag so that your kitty knows what to expect. You can watch me using it and reviewing it on my product review page.

It took about five minutes for me to set up the app and was really pretty simple. It is an hourglass shape and a medium size. It comes with surface mount strips to keep it in place, but I have not needed those as my cats haven’t tried to mess with it. It does need light to work as the camera doesn’t have night vision, so you will need to have it in a room that has lights on or only use it during the day in a room with access to natural light. I have used this in the same room, a few miles away, and about 12 hours away and it has worked well in all three locations. I love this product and it was fun to review. I would have loved this when I went off to college so I could still see my cat while I was away. I think it would be a fantastic gift for any cat lover!

Kittyo Pet Camera Product Review Unboxing Video

Kittyo Pet Camera Product Review Video

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