Go Cat Da Bee Cat Wand Toy

The GoCat Cat Catcher Da Bee is a wand toy featuring a fun bee for your cats to hunt and catch. Made from a soft fabric with feathers for extra tactile enrichment, the toy allows you to exercise your indoor cat as they leap and pounce to capture it.


Manufactured in the USA, Da Bee wand is 12 inches long without the wire (30.5 centimeters) and ships to multiple countries.

The wand itself is made from a simple plastic with a glitter finish. The wand is robust but comfortable enough to hold, so you shouldn’t get too tired yourself while you tire out your kitties playing with it.

The string used to connect the toy is a wire, which is designed to be strong enough to withstand your cat tugging on the toy. It also means you can easily make the bee dance and weave with just a few simple movements of your wrist.

This wand comes with the fun bee toy, but one of the best features is that the toy simply hooks onto the end. If your cat does have a lot of fun with the bee and ends up tearing it apart, or if you want to introduce some variety, it’s easy to replace the toy on the end without having to replace the entire wand.

The wand is not retractable or foldable but at 12 inches long it should be easy to store away, which you should do at the end of every play session to prevent your cat wrapping the wire around them or tearing up and eating parts of the toy that aren’t safe to consume.

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