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EZ-Groomer Pet Comb is a grooming tool for cats (and dogs) that does a great job of removing dead hair while leaving the healthy coat intact. I was introduced to this product by a few readers, and the backstory was so interesting, we had to try it out.

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EZ-Groomer Pet Comb is a cat comb that removes dead hair and fur from your cat’s undercoat, without cutting or damaging any of the healthy fur. We have used the Furminator in the past to groom Caymus, but that particular grooming tool cut his coat, damaging it, and he lost all his sheen. I will not use it again.

The EZ-Groomer Comb was designed by a fisherman who picked up some jawbones of salmon chum while he was out fishing. Later at home, he was playing with his cat and used one of the teeth he had collected from the salmon chum on the cat’s fur. He saw how much hair it pulled out. He made the EZ-Groomer to mimic what the salmon teeth did!

These cat grooming tools come in two sizes- 5-tooth and 7-tooth. We used the 7-tooth comb on Murphy, my parents’ 12-year-old Ragdoll cat, as that is what the company recommends for long-haired cats. This is very simple to use. Just comb your cat’s hair slowly, parallel to the skin to remove all the extra hair that normal brushing, combing, and grooming don’t get out.

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