Custom Pet Phone Case


The custom phone case from Cuddle Clones features a unique illustration of your cat made after an image you provide. You can choose the background color and get a one of a kind phone case. This way, you will have a reminder of your pet with you everywhere you go.

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The custom phone cases made by Cuddle Clones come with a unique illustration of your cat, which is inspired by a photograph you provide. All you have to do is upload the image after you read the photo tips carefully. These will help you choose the best picture for the job.

Cuddle Clones even features a How it Works video so that you can visualize every step of the way. Then, you have to select the type of device you want the case for. There are several iPhone models you can choose from. You can also select the background color for the photo case. Then, the Cuddle Clones artists will create the image for you.

In 2 weeks, the custom phone case will be shipped and you can show off your pet. Cuddle Clones uses Flexi Cases, which come with a great Clear TPU shell that delivers transparent impact resistance, but allows your smartphone’s features to stay visible.

Be sure to use the Cuddle Clones coupon code “FLOPPYCATS10” for 10% off!

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