Custom Pet Print Coffee Mug


The custom print coffee mugs from Cuddle Clones have one-of-a-kind illustrations of your cat printed on a mug that is bound to become your favorite in no time. You upload the photo and choose the color of the mug and the artists create the image for you. Be sure to use the Cuddle Clones coupon code “FLOPPYCATS10” for 10% off!


The Cuddle Clones custom print coffee mugs are unlike any other personalized mugs on the market because they feature illustrations of your cat instead of regular pictures. These illustrations are specially made for you by the Cuddle Clone artists and they are based on photos that you provide. Make sure you read their photo tips before choosing the photo you want to upload.

You can also watch the How It Works video on their page to get a better idea of the process. After your photo is up, you have to choose the color you want for your mug. You have 10 colors to choose from. Cuddle Clones uses ceramic mugs, which are dishwasher and microwave friendly, so the final product will be an easy to use high-quality choice.

Be sure to use the Cuddle Clones coupon code “FLOPPYCATS10” for 10% off!

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