Critterzone Air Naturalizer


The Critterzone Air Naturalizer is much more than an air purifier because it gives indoor air the energy that the sun naturally gives to outdoor air. It is efficient for eliminating odors, but also for revitalizing your home. It does not only “catch” particles in the air, but, instead, it leverages the natural process found outdoors and enables indoor air to clean itself.


The Critterzone Air Naturalizer is not an air purifier, it is so much more because it makes indoor air active. Outside, the air gets energy from the sun and it leverages a natural odor-cleansing process. The Air Naturalizer activates indoor air and enables it to deal with odor pollutants through this exact natural process.

The Air Naturalizer is excellent for households with cats because it can help clear litter box smells. It should be placed in the room where you have the litter box and it will work permanently, keeping the air active and fully equipped to deal with bad odors. It is silent and very economic, so it will not boost your energy bill.

Remember to use the CritterZone coupon code “floppycats” to get $15 off your purchase. If you want to see what it looks like, how to install it, and more of what it can do, take a look at our unboxing video.


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