Cat Amazing Sliders Cat Puzzle Toy

The Cat Amazing Sliders doubles both as a cat feeder and an interactive toy that will keep your cat engaged and enthralled. This veterinarian-recommended product encourages slow eating and weight loss, while also providing endless fun for your cat. It’s made from sturdy cardboard, which enables even heavier cats to safely engage with it.


This cardboard cat feeder is sure to catch your feline’s attention, since it contains many sliding boxes that will constantly keep your cat engaged and curious as to what’s happening inside. It will keep scratching and sniffing until all the hidden rewards will be revealed and accessible. The amazing part is that the Cat Amazing Sliders is also pretty slippery, which means it may slide across the floor when your cats are playing with it, adding extra fun to the experience.

Cats are extremely curious and insatiable little creatures when it comes to having fun and exploring their environment. This toy that also doubles as a feeder will definitely keep your cat on its toes, offering both the mental and physical stimulation it craves so much.

The Cat Amazing Sliders is also an efficient feeder that enables your cat to have slower meals, in a way that keeps its weight in check and its metabolism working properly. The added bonus is that you can replace the food inside with anything that catches your cat’s attention – you can get catnip, toy mice or crinkle balls.

The product comes to you flat and it’s easy to assemble into the toy your cat will grow to love. We, here at Floppycats, have tested the Cat Amazing Sliders for ourselves. Here’s our videos that you can watch to see how the assembling part went and how our cats reacted when the Cat Amazing Sliders was ready to use.

Cat Amazing Sliders Unboxing


Cat Amazing Sliders Assembly


Cat Amazing Sliders Product Review

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