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Animal Biome is a testing kit that helps you determine whether your cat’s microbiome in its gut is balanced or if there are harmful microbes or missing bacteria that could be causing health issues. It involves sending a stool sample from your cat for analysis. Use AnimalBiome Discount Code to save 15% off your purchase – SAVEAB-15 (can only use once per customer)
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The Animal Biome kit for cats comes with everything you need to take a stool sample from your cat, including sample tubes, sterile sticks to help collect and break down the sample, and gloves to ensure you can handle everything safely.

It also comes with a helpful booklet that talks you through every step and answers any questions you might have – it explains everything simply and clearly. The box that you receive the kit in is also the same box you’ll use to ship the sample back to the company, with secure packaging for the sample tubes included too.

Once you send off the sample, the Animal Biome team analyzes it and then sends you an email once your cat’s results are ready, typically within 2-3 weeks. You can read the report online, which will tell you the full details of the bacteria in your cat’s gut and whether they are in a healthy range.

You can then share these results with your veterinarian or get help from Animal Biome themselves – you get a free telephone consultation included when you’ve bought a kit, which you can use within 60 days of receiving your cat’s report.

And then, if your cat’s gut bacteria needs rebalancing, Animal Biome has a range of supplements you can order.

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