AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bowl


The AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bowl is a favorite cat bed in this house. It’s made from Unreal Lambskin and is machine washable and really comfortable for my cats.

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The AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bowl is a soft cat bed that is durable and long lasting- we have had ours for several years. It stays springy, and even after years of use, my cats still like the feel of the cushion and material enough to knead on it. It’s available in small or medium but is a great bed for large cats because it has such high sides. My larger cats can lean and rest against the sides and still feel comfortable and secure in the bed, rather than flopping over. Because of the high sides, this is also a great place to toss toys while I’m vacuuming or cleaning.

The center of this pet bed is plush. It’s also removable so you can take it out and wash it in the washing machine.  It can be air dried or dried in the dryer on the air setting- just make sure you get it all the way dry before putting it back in the bed so that it doesn’t get mold or a mildew smell. The bottom of the bed is a thin canvas material that could be spot cleaned if needed. Please see my review videos if you want to see the cats in the bed (they don’t want to get out!) or to see the materials up close.

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