Adored Beast Rebalancer (formerly Anti Vaccinosis)

Adored Beast’s Rebalancer is a product that can help to stop any unwanted side effects for your cat after they’ve had a vaccination. The ingredients can make sure that the effect of the vaccine isn’t prevented, but the ill effects afterward are removed. Adored Beast Apothecary Discount Code FLOPPYCATS (One per customer, no expiry) gives you 10% off your order.


Rebalancer is a natural health product that will help to remove any negative side effects of vaccines for your kitty, without preventing the actual benefit of the vaccination. If you’re concerned about vaccine side effects, this product may help your cat and put your mind at ease.

It contains thuja, a plant derivative that has an antibacterial effect. It’s effective on conditions of the skin, blood, kidneys, brain, and gastrointestinal tract, but it’s also used for respiratory problems. It can help to soothe some painful conditions like osteoarthritis. Because this medicinal plant has so many benefits, it is often recommended to help tackle vaccinosis, the negative after-effects caused by a vaccine.

The other main ingredient is silicea, a mineral found in the earth that has a cleansing effect. It helps to find irritants and any foreign materials and expel them from the body, literally pushing them out – the way that a splinter may be ejected from the skin. It also helps to clear any blockages in the salivary glands or in the tear ducts and can remove the pressure caused by boils and abscesses.

Rebalancer is a spray bottle. For healthy animals, it should be administered directly into your pet’s mouth twice a day for two days after vaccination, with 4 pumps to be given. This should increase to 10 days if the animal has chronic issues or is symptomatic. It can safely be used for kittens too – the number of sprays should be reduced.

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