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Last Updated on September 8, 2021 by Jenny

iFlora ProbioticsAs a proud owner of several pets I know the importance of a healthy digestive system to overall good health.  If a cat or dog has an unbalanced digestive system then their overall health can be put into jeopardy.  Just as a humans digestive system must maintain balance, so must a pets.  Ordering probiotics for pets is as simple as ordering cat toys online. My choice of probiotics is Sedona Labs iFlora Probiotic

My bicolor Ragdoll is a picky eater which also can effect her digestive health, but my biggest concern is that I had to mix this iFlora probiotic into her food without her realizing the taste was a bit different.  I was surprised to find that she did not seem to notice the small amount that was required.  The iFlora is available as a capsule that can easily be hidden in a treat or a powder that can be mixed into food.  I also discovered it is good for both my dog and the Ragdoll cats.  Turns out probiotics are used in all types of health foods and supplements for humans and animals, though i think there are many different types. I am happy to have found such a vital product.

Order a bottle of Probiotics for Pets Sedona Labs iFlora Probiotic for from for 29.93 + 6.01 shipping.

Do you use iFlora Multi-Probiotic for Cats? How would you rank it’s performance?

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