Probiotic for Cats: Sedona Labs iFlora Probiotic

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For over 2 decades now, Sedona Labs has been an excellent source for premium digestive and natural health supplements.
iFlora Healthy Pets
One of Sedona Labs newest products addresses the health needs of our pets. iFora Healthy Pets Probiotic is a premium pet health digestive supplement that helps support a pet’s optimal, balanced digestion.

iFlora Healthy Pets is highly recommended for both cats and dogs. These health supplements each contain 5 pet health probiotic strains for easy digestion; 3 enteric-coated enzymes which aims for your bicolor ragdoll‘s small intestines, for example, to get better nutrient absorption; and 15 vegetarian enzymes which aims for the stomach.

Aside from those features enumerated above, iFlora Healthy Pets also helps establishe and maintain healthy flora levels of a cat. This supplement is also ideal for those cats who frequently experience digestive distress, iFlora Healthy Pets can help promote regular, healthy stools.

To get Sedona Labs iFlora Healthy Pets Probiotic for $16.47, visit

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