Probiotic for Cats: iFlora Multi

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Sedona Labs has been a well-known source for premium digestive and natural health supplements. One of their missions is to address the health needs/problems of our pets and to further provide them a healthy, happy lifestyle.
Probiotic for Cats: iFlora Multi
iFlora Multi Probiotic Healthy Pets can support your cat’s nutritional intakes and provide him with a balanced digestion. Every Sedona Lab probiotic supplement is formulated using the latest breakthroughs in probiotic science.

iFlora Multi features five (5) pet health probiotic strains for easy digestion; eighteen (18) vegetarian digestive enzymes (fifteen (15) enzymes of which targets the stomach and three (3) enteric-coated enzymes that targets the small intestines for nutrient absorption).

This premium pet health formula promotes optimal nutrient absorption and boosts immunity to help your feline fight all signs of stress including any kind of digestive distress. For an instance, if your Bicolor Ragdoll always experiences constipation, you can let him have iFlora medication to lessen the stress it’s causing.

Empower a better health with iFlora. You can get iFlora Multi Probiotic for cats through for $16.47.

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