Prince – Ragdoll of the Week

Prince - Ragdoll of the WeekPrince – Ragdoll of the Week

Rerunning this Ragdoll of the Week, as I have not rec’d any new submisions.

Originally published September 22, 2014

It’s usually about 5.30 am at our home in Putney, South West London when my fiancée, Steven is woken-up by a persistent-but-gentle tapping and scratching on his back.

That’ll be Prince, then.

Prince will have spent the last few hours sat on our bed-side table watching over us while we sleep. The tap on the back is Prince’s special message to Steven that he’d like to go downstairs to join our other six cats for breakfast.

I think Prince likes to see himself as the ‘daddy’ of the family. He’s is everything a rag-doll should be: loving, docile, floppy, slightly aloof and rather self-assured. There’s a wisdom about Prince which transcends what one might expect from a mere ‘pet’. It’s like he was sent to us for a special purpose and it’s a responsibility he takes very seriously!

Prince - Ragdoll of the WeekI’ve had Prince, a Blue Point Ragdoll since 2007. He was my first ragdoll and he’s a big boy at about 6kgs.

He’s a bit of a loner and tends not to socialise too much with his six siblings. You could almost describe him as grumpy and he’s been known to give the younger cats a whack around the head if they get too giddy.

I suppose Prince has a rival in Rocky, our 6 year-old ‘tuxedo’, a Turkish Van crossed with British blue. There will be fairly frequent stand-offs, with Prince and Rocky staring each other out and each making that slightly creepy and other-worldly moaning sound. This could go on for ages if I didn’t break them up. Boys will be boys.

As grumpy and aloof as Prince might seem, this isn’t the fully story. Of all our seven cats he’s the closest to a ‘lap cat’ we have. He’s very happy to sit beside us on the sofa while we’re watching TV and loves to be stroked and fussed over. He’ll usually give Steven his paw to hold and sit quietly purring for as long as we’re there; it’s very sweet.

Prince - Ragdoll of the WeekNeedless to say this domestic idyll is violently shattered the moment Prince gets a hint that I might want to brush or groom him. He hates being brushed and he’ll do anything to avoid it.

Prince has a mild obsession with the litter tray. When one of the other cats has used it, he invariably wanders over, has quick sniff and ensures that the contents are well covered-up. It’s this slightly odd habit which prompted us to call him ‘The Toilet Attendant’.

In 2013 we were lucky enough to have a session with Laura Stinchfield, the Pet Communicator based in Ojai CA. During a very interesting chat with Prince, we asked him about his litter-tray obsession.

I think he was a little put-out, explaining that he could tell a lot about how well the other cats are feeling by sniffing their poop and that he’d rather we saw him more of a doctor than a toilet attendant. He was quite insistent that if there any of the cats had a health issue he’d let us know. He wasn’t sure how he’d do this but insisted ‘I’ll find a way’. Thus Prince became Dr Prince.

So maybe that’s Prince’s special purpose; a little angel sent to watch-over us all.

(Prince lives with Pixie, who was featured as Ragdoll of the Week on July 21, 2014)

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Prince - Ragdoll of the Week

Prince - Ragdoll of the Week

Prince - Ragdoll of the Week

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  1. Thanks for posting Prince’s story and pictures again! He really is a big doll! 🙂

  2. Prince is soooo GORGEOUS, I had to come back to pin some photos!

  3. Loves Andy says:

    He’s gorgeous and you are funny! Toilet Attendant – I was rolling. Thanks for sharing a part of your special experiences!

  4. Well Prince is certainly very handsome!
    Hilarious story though!

  5. Love the Prince and his story I can totally tell by his photos hes a Brittish Ragdoll,He looks a little different than an American Ragdoll.He looks like a Royal Ragdoll very Regal,What a snuggler just love him.Hes Special im sure,Sincerly Lisa.and your American Ragdoll cousins,Murphy Bo Dee and Ceasar.

  6. Patti Johnson says:

    Dr. Prince, indeed! Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us! Lurve those pictures! He is a very handsome & regal boy! He definitely has an aura of royalty about him. I can tell that just from looking at his pretty pictures! He has such an expressive face!

    I love how he likes to have Steven hold his paw. How adorable is THAT??? Funny how he is the “Daddy” of The Magnificent Seven! (I’m a big fan of your M7 FB page, btw!)

    The fact that he hates to be groomed made me laugh out loud. He’s certainly got his little quirks (a trait that I lurve about the Ragdolls). Our Miss Pink Sugardoodles has so many little quirky traits, too. Just makes us love her more!

    And…I absolutely adore how big and fluffy he is!!! 🙂

    Thanks again for a great post!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  7. Bianca LA says:

    What a face!! He is so adorable!! And such a big fluff!!

  8. Teresa Reid says:

    Price is just adorable! Love how you describe him and his endearing ways of being a loner yet being beside your fiancé and even holding hands. So sweet! That story about the bathroom is so funny! You are lucky he is keeping tabs on everyone for you = like a guardian angel! Thanks so much for sharing his story. He is just gorgeous and his pictures make me wish I could come to England and give him a big hug.♥♥♥

  9. What a darling! I loved reading Prince’s story and hope you’ll post pictures of all the Magnificent 7 together if you can get them to pose in one place. 🙂

  10. Patricia McDermott says:

    oh my what a gorgeous cat!his face is amazing and so is his fluff! thanks for sharing his story. yes he looks like a sassy pants!

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