Possible Method to Keep Kitty Away from TP

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EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder
Let's be honest here. We all love our cute little balls of fur because they bring such joy to our lives. What we don't love is that they see a roll of toilet paper, and well, we all know what happens next. It can be so utterly frustrating to bring home roll after roll for use (of the good and soft kind, too — not cheap) only to have your kitten tear into it like it's the best cat toy he's ever had. You spend $30 on a new cardboard cat scratcher for him and he goes straight for the toilet paper you bought for yourself! I can't pretend to understand how or why this happens, but I do know there are some fixes out there.

There is an EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder that allows you to pop the toilet paper into it, secure it, and then place the cover down on it. Once the roll is in there, you're in the clear. Your cat won't be able to access the toilet paper to either 1) shred it from any angle and 2) unravel it. It also very unlikely that your cat could somehow get through the plastic of it to wreak any more havoc. Consumers who have purchased this item have confirmed that it is indeed cat-proof… to what degree, I think that depends on the determination of your buddy. Our friends are rather curious so it's hard to imagine anything getting in between them and their "explorations." At the same time, if any cat products stand a chance at stopping them from shredding toilet paper, the EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder is one of them (and only for $12, wow).

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