Poplar Incline Scratcher by Mountain Cat Trees

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Poplar Incline Scratcher by Mountain Cat TreesThis eco-friendly cat scratching pole is handcrafted to loving purr-fection to suit the needs of your kitty. You may want to replace your old cardboard cat scratcher with this excellent alternative. 

If your feline prefers to scratch horizontally the Poplar Incline Scratcher by Mountain Cat Trees might be the right one to choose. Since the incline piece is covered with sisal rope, the cat can dig their nails into it and scratch away safely.

The stable legs on both sides of this incline cat scratching pole are made from poplar wood. The bottom of the legs have rubber bumper feet so that the cat scratching pole will not slip or ruin your floors. 

Measuring 24” long, 9” wide, and 4 3/4“ tall, the Poplar Incline Scratcher may save your other pieces of furniture from being scratched. By giving your feline cat scratchers, their natural instinct will be targeted at the right place and they will be more content and happy. Take the time to observe the scratching behavior of your cat, and if you notice that they like to scratch the floor or love to dig, you might be able to fully satisfy them with an inclined scratching pole. 

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