Plush Funny Face Teasers Cat Toys

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Plush Funny Face Teasers Cat ToysCats have sensitive whiskers so they like playing with things that tickle their faces or go near them and to get stimulated and things like these toys triggers off the cat to make them play with it.

The slight tickle will surely please your pet as it will make them feel like they are being rubbed against with another cat while you are playing with them with these Plush Funny Face Teasers cat toys.

The wand is almost 20 inches long and at the end of it there is a funny face with arms and legs dangling from them that interest the cat and make it seem like they have a new playmate. Since it is plush, it will feels soft to their faces and won’t hurt their eyes, ears, mouth, nose, or any other part of the face. The Plush Funny Face Teasers comes in 3 pastel colors and it will surely be one of their favorite cat toys. 
Having a pet makes life much better and oftentimes, even a lot more fun. Giving them cool cat toys to play with. Making time to play with your pet will be able to create a long-lasting bond that will make your pet become happy and content. You might want a new pet to care for by share your home to one or two cats to help out in our Ragdoll Rescue efforts.

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