Please Help Mason (Ragdoll Rescue – Canada)

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Ragdoll Rescue - MasonHello, I am a volunteer for a cat rescue based in Toronto, Ontario called Urban Cat Relief We are currently trying to help a 4 year old Ragdoll cat named Mason who has some big problems and is in need of Ragdoll cat adoption help.
Please read the letter below from his owner. We are running out of ideas and time and I thought I would consult with some Ragdoll experts. I would really appreciate any thoughts, ideas or suggestions aimed at helping Mason.

I know cats of any size or breed may experience what Mason is going through but as I mentioned, we are nearing the end and I am desperate. Maybe someone who knows Ragdolls cats really well, can help. Please feel free to cross post or forward this to anyone you think might be able to help. I am willing to speak with anyone who has any ideas to help Mason. I attached a couple of pics…not sure if they will go through with this email. If you want to see Mason just go to our site and click on the ADOPT tab and you will see his bio and pics. If you can be Mason’s angel and wold be interested in bringing him into your loving furever home, please call us right away 905-924-2312 Thank-you for reading.

Mason——————————————————————From Mason’s owner – "About a year and a half ago, I adopted Mason through a vet clinic where he had been surrendered by his owner. He is a beautiful pure Ragdoll, he weighs in at almost 20lbs (he’s not fat, just big and fluffy). He is approx 4 years old, neutered and declawed and full of personality. He loves loves loves dogs, and gets along well with other cats. I have been dealing with him peeing outside of the litterbox since he came to live with me. He urinates on my furniture on an almost daily basis. This information was not disclosed to me when I adopted him and I came to find out that his previous owner surrendered him for that reason after trying everything to solve the problem. I too have tried everything to no avail. He has a clean bill of health. I’ve tried different litters, I have multiple litterboxes in different places that I clean 2x per day, I’ve medicated him, I’ve deterred him from going on my furniture. I even tried letting him go outside but he escapes from the backyard and just doesn’t have the street smarts to be an indoor/outdoor cat. I’ve just started locking him in my bathroom whenever I can’t watch him, but I can’t continue this forever and it’s just not fair to him. I have tried to re-home him and talked to everyone I know through the rescue world and through my work. I have come to the realization that I can’t fix this problem and I can’t live with it anymore. Last week, I discussed euthanasia with my vet and decided to go this route. I have been agonizing over this, he is such a wonderful cat with an awesome personality and he’s so young, it’s breaking my heart."

Kitty’s Name: Mason
Name: Heather
Where: Toronto, Ontario

UPDATE!! Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 9:18 AM

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to pass along some very good news….our gorgoeus yet leaky Ragdoll, Mason has found a forever home!!
He was just moved in the last week and so far so good so we have all our paws crossed that this home does it for him and he uses his litter consistently now.
After much conversations with us and Mason’s last owner, a very willing and lovely cat lady who has adopted from us previously, has committed to Mason. She is fully aware of his past issues and is willing to accept him as he is and work to figure out what makes his  world happy enough to use a litter box.     
Just wanted to Thank you again for all the support and being able to post on your site.
Much appreciated!!
All the best,
Urban Cat Relief
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  1. Thanks to Jenny for posting Mason!!!
    Just to note – UCR is not a Ragdoll Rescue.
    Urban Cat Relief – rescues cats of all sizes, breeds, colours and ages. Mason’s owner contacted our rescue and due to the severity of the situation I have contacted Ragdoll experts to see if there is anything that could be offered either in the way of advice or a new loving & patient home.
    I can be reached either by email : or by phone 905-924-2312. Mason is currently located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


  2. My Maine Coon did what Mason is doing for awhile. The only thing I can think of it putting small food dishes where he likes to piddle. The theory is that cats won’t piddle where they eat. I HOPE things work out well for you! It breaks my heart and I know it breaks your too!

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