Plea for Help from Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue

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I rec’d the following plea for help from Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue. gets about 26,000 hits a month, can you imagine if everyone just gave $5?  That’d be $130,000!  Please help, if you can!  I have included photos of adoptable Rescue Ragdolls and Maine Coons in this post.

Ballad (learn more about Ballard below MeLinda's Signature)
Ballad (learn more about Ballard below MeLinda's Signature)

With the heat rising this summer, it seems like the number of cats and kittens needing rescue has also risen. We have rescued nearly 50 cats this spring/summer alone; since 2005, we have rescued over 800 cats! It is incredible, and it is frightening. For example, an owner just dumped 18 Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and domestic short-hairs on one of the shelters where we work. Most of these cats will be euthanized. Unfortunately, we can only rescue four of these needy cats because we don’t have the room or funds to help all of them.

Needless to say, with the rising number of cats comes the rising cost of care for them. We have had several special needs cats with expensive veterinary costs. We have rescued numerous cats who have to be

beowulf & roland (learn more about beowulf & roland below MeLinda's Signature)
beowulf & roland (learn more about beowulf & roland below MeLinda's Signature)

completely vetted. Right now, we have so many new cats that are not vetted that we have an upcoming vet visit that will total over $700 just to test, vaccinate, and spay/neuter our most recent rescues. Any amount you can contribute will help.

Our vetting cost per cat is as follows:

  • $35 spay
  • $25 neuter
  • $25 FIV/FeLV test
  • $10 rabies
  • $15 additional vaccinations, deworming, flea-treatment
Cloud (learn more about Cloud below MeLinda's Signature)
Cloud (learn more about Cloud below MeLinda's Signature)

We also have a desperate need for fosters for our many new rescues. We have multiple PUREBRED Ragdolls, a PUREBRED White Persian, a PUREBRED Napoleon, and too many other cats (Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and even Siamese mixes) to list. Please, please consider fostering one of these many cats for us. We don’t even have room for the four cats we agreed to take in to keep them from being euthanized this morning. Please, please help us.  We normally don’t beg, but we are desperate this summer. Please help us. Fostering, adopting, or even sponsoring just one cat will help us save another.

We are including a link to Paypal to help facilitate any donation you might be able to make.

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We are also in the process of filing our 501c3 paperwork. If you have any experience with this process, we could certainly use the help. Please contact me if you have any suggestions and/or can help.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


MeLinda Hughes
Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue

We are desperate for adoptions. We have four more cats coming in Sunday and no more new foster homes.


Tig (2 year DSH red) and Kimball (purebred Blue Point Ragdoll, 4 years) would love to go home together. They are awesome pair of very affectionate boys. Kimball sleeps not with you but on you! Tig is a bit more reserved but loves when he gets your undivided attention. Poor Tig and Kimball were on their way to the shelter when a fellow rescuer snagged them and sent them to me. They immediately made themselves at home, and Kimball has decided he is my cat (don’t tell him but we will find him another meowmy!)

Clouds is only 5 months old, a precious Blue Point girl with the sweetest personality. She has the true Ragdoll personality in that nothing bothers her–kittens, grouchy adult females, her tail accidentally being stepped on–you name and it and she is cool with it.

I am including Beowulf (Cymric/Maine Coon) and Roland (Maine Coon), both about 16 weeks old now, because I just love how they sleep on top of each other. These are the most precious boys. They love people, they love each other (though they are not siblings), they love all other cats. They are just too cute for words.


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      1. I wholeheartedly agree. If everyone who commented that they would have rescued the raggie if they lived nearer/didn’t have a ‘no pets rule’ donated just $5 (which is MUCH cheaper than what it would cost to actually own a ragdoll!) then the vetting costs would be met. I know that everyone is feeling the pinch with the recession but every little helps.

  1. I donated. Wish it could be more but I don’t work. But every spay helps a LOT so if people can afford $35 it can make a HUGE impact on the cat population! In my opinion our country needs mandatory spay/neuter laws like Los Angeles does.

  2. You people are awesome. The funds are coming in, and we are finally able to take two more purebred Ragdolls this week due to your generosity! Please check out our new babies at Haus, particularly (coming Wed) has a sad story and needs a home.

    As much as we appreciate the funds, and believe me we do, I am SO grateful that FC suscribers are helping actual Ragdolls get out of shelters. As many of you know, thanks to FC, the 18-year-old Hercules at a high-kill shelter went home earlier this summer and now through your efforts, again, Dusty, a 16-year-old Ragdoll, at Tyler, Texas, is home safe. Thanks to all of you.

    But, here we go again, there is a lovely Seal Bi-Color 10-year-old Ragdoll mix at Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin named Katya. If anyone can help her, please let me know at 972-872-9346 or

    Again, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate Jenny and all of you.

  3. I also fretted over the 18 yr olds fate-i recently lost my 18 yr old cat DIESEL. We still have his sister also 18 and she is in great health. my male was in good health but developed an unusal problem-a paralized eseophagus? had cats all my life and never was aware of this. I am having a hard time with the loss as well as our other cat-shes miserable.
    What I am getting at is-Please anyone wanting to adopt a cat-please-please consider an older cat, they seem to be surrendered for flimsey reasons. cats have a long memories
    and feelings. if taken well care of, cats can have long lives as my email can attest to!
    In fact I had 3 cats , but our RINGO past away 3 years ago…he was 21 yrs and 4 mos
    and just passed away one day in his sleep.
    SO- adopt a senior if possible!

  4. Kathleen:
    Thank you for your comments. You are absolutely correct. I adopted my Ragdoll, Merlin, when he was 12-years-old, and though we had only 4 years, it was worth every minute. We need to help these elderly cats, like the one in Austin that is in great jeopardy.

  5. Hello Melinda,

    I live in Portland, Maine and so desperately would like to find a baby or juvenile ragdoll in need to give a furrever home. I have had alot of difficulty finding a Ragdoll rescue program in my region. If you could provide any contact information for a ragdoll rescue org that would service the New England area I would be very grateful. (a Maine Coon rescue association would also be appreciated!

    Thankyou, Miok

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