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Miss Pittypat – Blue mitted Color Point Ragdoll Cat

beautiful-pitty-pitty-ragdoll-of-the-weekI got Pitty from a breeder, whom was my neighbor’s ex wife. At the time my neighbor’s wife was showing me the website of his ex’s Ragdolls and said she was having a hard time selling them in Idaho; where she lived at the time but are now back in Tennessee where we all are from and reside. People in Idaho wasn’t as familiar with the breed and didn’t like the Blue Point colors and preferred the chocolate color point Ragdolls.

beautiful-pitty-pitty-ragdoll-of-the-weekSo, I wanted a kitty that was a snuggler and my neighbor said these cats are awesome and they love to just lay in your arms why they call them Ragdolls. So, I told my neighbor’s current wife to tell his daughter to pick me out the sweetest kitten out of the litter and the funny thing is when I saw the pics of all the kittens Pitty’s pick jumped out at me like she’s my favorite in the way she looked but I thought if it’s not her then that’s ok and then she was the one his daughter picked out and they flew her in from Idaho gave her a bath I remember it was grape scented shampoo. She was 6 months old. Well, I couldn’t recommend her as a breeder anymore because she has quit her cattery and has only one of the original Queens left and she’s been fixed because she almost died from having her last litter and she’s not the mother of Pitty.

This story is how through my neighbor’s current wife telling me about the Ragdoll’s did I get interested in them an the first time I’ve heard about them. Pitty was born Nov. 2007 and I have to look at her papers I can’t remember the date. I’ve had her since she was 6 months old so 99% of her life. She turned 9 on November 7, 2016.

Miss Pittypat - Blue mitted Color Point Ragdoll CatShe likes to ride in the car I’ve always taken her with me in the car she’s so laid back but she doesn’t like getting out into strange places she does good but it makes her nervous. She loves to play and her favorite toy is a soft chew toy in shape of a bone but it’s all cotton and stuffing. She loves to bat that thing around and carry it in her mouth and she does that with other toys too. I’ll find it and other toys in different locations throughout the house. She needs a lot of affection when we go to Europe for 3 weeks, my husband is German, my mother gives her a lot of affection and when we come back she is all over us purring, meowing, wanting to be loved. She loves the guest bed room because we normally keep it closed so if I go in there she loves to run into the guest room and we amuse her let her stay. She’s a very dainty eater and polite and she follows me around like a dog. She sleeps with us sometimes and sometimes not whatever her moods are. She loves chicken so if I’m eating some I’ll give her a bite. She loves going outside and when I’m here I’ll let her out a little bit but I never leave my house without bringing her back in so she’s monitored when she’s outdoors. She loves to sniff the outdoor air. She’s even good getting baths.

Miss Pittypat - Blue mitted Color Point Ragdoll CatThe only thing she HATES next to our male cat is the vacuum cleaner she runs out like a bat from hell after her and runs and hides till I’m done vacuuming even when she sees us pull it out of the closet she high tails it out of there lol poor little girl. She doesn’t have a youtube video. I’m too lazy to put one up I don’t film her much but I take pics all the time. I got her name because I wanted to give her a real Southern belle sounding name and I love Gone With the Wind and there was a aunt in law of Scarlett O’Hara named Miss Pittypat Hamilton she was a old spinster with a ridiculous curls and she was always threatening to faint calling for her smelling salts and she was hysterical in that movie “Yankees in Atlanta!” That’s how I chose her name cause of that hilarious character in GWTW.

I recommend a cat tree because if you have a multiple cat household and she’d get harassed by my male cat some it provided her with a escape oasis in her top bed on that thing and my male cat he is a ground dweller. So, a perch they can sleep and feel safe. I think laser pointers are fun toy for cats and they are cheap and you can never have too many scratching posts cause Pitty likes to scratch furniture till I got more scratching posts and she’s been leaving the furniture alone. She can eat about anything but too much wet food makes her Gob Gob soft. So, I wouldn’t over kill on the wet food and they tend to have runny eyes just a little bit not like a poodle and daily I check her eyes for corner eye boogers. Other than that she’s a healthy little critter. She’s 11 pounds and that’s the range she’s stayed at.

Miss Pittypat - Blue mitted Color Point Ragdoll Cat

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Miss Pittypat - Blue mitted Color Point Ragdoll Cat

Miss Pittypat - Blue mitted Color Point Ragdoll Cat

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  1. O-M-G! Miss Pittypat is GORGEOUS!!! And I knew right away with that awesome name that someone MUST be a HUGE GWTW fan (like ME!!!!)! I always lurved the Aunt Pittypat character in that story and movie! Hilarious!

    The pics of Pitty are just lovely! She sounds delightful, fun and loving! So sorry she doesn’t get along well with your male cat (who is also very handsome as I see him in the last pic). My Ragdoll, Miss PSB, also fears The Vacuum Monster.

    So happy that Fate matched you with your purrfect Ragdoll! She is truly a STUNNING Southern Beauty for sure!

    Wishing you, your family, Miss Pittypat and your male cat many years of love, good health, happiness and purry adventures together!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. The kitty next to Pitty is Miss Ruby. She’s 7 and got her after had Pitty for a couple of years from the pound matter of fact I approached a woman who was wanting to turn her in and gone in the wrong door and I asked if I could have her. She was 2 months old when I brought her home. She’s a ornery vocal little brat but I love her none the less lol. When she was a kitten she chose Pitty as her playmate and Pitty didn’t like it one bit at first but after a couple of weeks they’ve been best friends ever since. Now my cat Gustl he’s a med long haired gray tabby he’s the one she hates. He’s harassed her in the past many times he’s now a permanently outdoor cat because he marks in my house and nothing seems to work to keep him from doing it so now he has a cat house with a cat heating pad as his nest and he loves it if he comes in we have to watch him and not let him roam or he could mark like nothing. One time I was asleep in the morning he came up on the bed and marked on me!!! He’s insecure for whatever reason. I’m a big fat GWTW fan and Miss Pittypat Hamilton was my favorite I wonder how Margaret Mitchell came up with that name? I’m from the South I’ve never heard that name except in this movie! Love to see a pic of your rag doll man they are the best pets and snuggly babies!!!! Thank you for your sweet compliments about her! k
      Paige & Pitty!

      1. Well, Miss Ruby is BEAUTIFUL, too! Lurved your story about Miss Ruby and Gustl (so sorry his marking behavior couldn’t be stopped but he sounds like he has a fine life that you have provided for him, too!). You can see a few pics of my girl, Miss Pink Sugarbelle, at: https://www.floppycats.com/september-2015-nvr-miss-high-wall-cat-litterbox-giveaway-winner-reports-back.html

        I was born in Florida but never lived there very long since my dad was in the USAF. At one point I had a southern accent as a child but eventually it was lost. My hubby tells me now and then that he can hear that southern twang when I say certain words and phrases. 🙂

        I like to think of my baby girl, Miss Pink Sugarbelle, as a bona fide southern belle who lives as pampered a life as Miss Scarlette O’Hara herself (before The War)!

        Wishing you and your gang a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR, Paige!

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      2. I love your cat Miss Pink Sugarbelle she’s beautiful and such a sweet face. I can tell she’s a luv bug. She looks like a bona fide southern belle for sure. I spoil my cats and I hate Gustl can’t be inside but I’ve made it comfortable for him outside with his cat house and cat heating pad in the garage and he loves it once he realized it wasn’t a carrier lol. Hugs to you too! Are your parents from the South? Where do you live currently. I live in Knoxville, TN born and bred lol. My father was in the air force then the reserves from 1966 to 1972 and then he was discharged but was active first few years almost got shipped to Nam but luckily he didn’t had the jungle shot that swelled his arm the size of a watermelon sore for two weeks to touch. He said that when they were notified to get the shot here in Knoxville the men were hiding right and left lol they had to track them down. I know you get moved a lot in the military. I’m sure there’s good and bad points about that too. Knoxville is in East TN mountain area you might have read about the fires in the Smoky Mountains many people lost homes and businesses and it was so dry from a Summer drought and then some snot nosed teens set a fire on the Chimney Tops (mtn top that can be hiked to) they are caught and in jail probably for life since people died it started as isolated and then we had high winds which caused it to spread and that’s why there were so much more damage this had never happened in the Mountains before it’s sad but Dolly Parton has had $9 million dollars raised so far for relief aide etc. She’s a billionaire. That woman has really given back to her community without a doubt she said it costs a lot of money to look this cheap but she’s smart as a whip! Anyway, I bet you have maintained some of your accent and if you moved back to the South you’d pick one up again. I have a former friend who is from San Diego originally moved here at 19 cause her mom and step dad moved to the area and Amanda picked our accent up rather quick if you heard her talk you’d never know she’s not southern. Sounds like a native! lol. I love my kitties to pieces and when I got Ruby I wanted a short haired cat like my childhood pet Molly was a short haired calico she died in 1994 when I was 23 and had taken her to my kindergarten class when I was 6. She was about 20 years old when she died and was my baby and best friend she died in her sleep of old age what a blessing from God. It would have broken my heart to have had to take her in to have her put to sleep. She was buried by my dad on our family farm sweet baby! She had one cataract when she became a old girl and she was a little feeble at the end but she held on so good and was our family. She went through 4 or so house moves with us ruled the roost wherever she moved too. Molly Sellers 1974-1994 R.I.P. my sweetheart! I hope you also have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      3. Awww, Paige, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful stories and details from you life with me! All the kitties you had sound so very lovely and wonderful especially your heart-n-soul kitty, Miss Molly Sellers (RIP, Sweet Molly)!

        Yes, my parents are both from the South. Both born in Florida, too. My dad spent a career traveling and moving us around the US courtesy of our wonderful USAF. He retired in 1977 (the year I graduated from HS) and started a second career with local government contractors in Colorado Springs, Colorado (his last assignment and he loved the mountains so much he wanted to settle there).

        I lived in Colorado Springs until 1998 and then moved to Maryland to work in the DC area for a few years. My career took me and my family to Kansas in 2001 and we settled here. I currently live in Lawrence, Kansas, with my retired hubby and Miss PSB. Our son is grown, married and off living his own life now. So it’s just us old folks at home with our lovely Ragdoll each and every day (I quit working in 2009 due to my health and never looked back). 🙂

        Wishing you and your lovely family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Miss Pittypat’s story and photos with us. She is just gorgeous and know that she brings you great joy and companionship. Wishing you and all your family a very wonderful holiday season.♥♥♥♥

    1. Thank you. You too have a wonderful Christmas! Your cat is beautiful too! There’s not such a thing as a ugly Ragdoll! I bet your kitty is the same way they are the sweetest animals most loving and they love to be with us don’t they?! Hmmm I need to find her. She’s sacked out sleeping somewhere in the house right now she has a few places she likes to hang her hat. Thank you for the compliments!

      1. You are so welcome Paige. Thanks for the kind words about our kitties. You are so right, there is no ugly Ragdoll, nor ugly kitty IMHO! Love them all.
        Happy holidays!

      2. Girl I’d have a cat farm if I took every kitty I fell for lmao. I’m 45 just wait 25 years they’ll go there goes that old crazy cat lady haha. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!!!!! God bless!

      3. Hahaha! So funny, but I did that a long time ago for a while until we had 6 rescue kitties. Way to many for me to keep up with, but it was wonderful. All of them were lovebugs. It was a very sweet time looking after all of them (4 boys and 2 girls).♥♥♥

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