Petstages Cuddle Coil – Product Review

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Trigg in the Petstages Cuddle Coil
Trigg in the Petstages Cuddle Coil

I have covered the Petstages Cuddle Coil on my blog before, but not as a review because I didn’t have one for Charlie and Trigg – I had only experienced it with Caymus and Murphy.   My mom purchased one at Petco when Caymus and Murphy first came home in November 2004.

Ever since, Caymus has loved loved loved his Cuddle Coil.  It is for this reason that I highly recommend the Petstages Cuddle Coil in Floppycats’ A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home.

So I contacted Petstages and asked if they would send us one to product review.  They sent us two, actually, so we donated the other one to the Heartland SPCA.

The Petstages Cat Cuddle Coil measures 11″ in diameter x 21-1/2″ long.

All the Ragdoll cats in my extended family (8 in all), all love the Cuddle Coil.

Reasons why it is great:

  • it collapses down for easy storage
  • it’s made of nylon-type fabric, the sound of which, attracts the cats to use it
  • it provides a protective area for the cats to play in and sleep in

On their website, Petstages has the Cuddle Coil under their “Soothing” category – I think it could be cross listed in their “Playing” and “Energizing” categories.

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Here are my Aunt Jean’s Ragdoll cats, Hobbs and Maddie, playing in the Cuddle Coil:

You can buy the Petstages Cat Cuddle Coil through Drs. Foster and Smith Inc. for $24.99 or for as low as $17.20 – be sure to watch shipping costs on top of the price of the item – sometimes the shipping cost is more than another website.  If you find it for less than $17.20, please leave a comment on this blog post with the website where you found it for less.

Socialize with Petstages, the makers of the Cat Cuddle Coil, on Facebook and Twitter.

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