Petsport Mouse Balls Arrival Video

Petsport Mouse Balls Arrival Video

Petsport Mouse BallsMany months back, one of our readers, Patricia, told me about a cat toy that her cats love – Petsport Mouse Balls.  Also, it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon here.  The Petsport Mouse Balls is 1 single ball with a real fur tail.  The ball is like a tennis ball, but the size of a ping pong ball – it does bounce, but not as well as a tennis ball.  The tail is attached to the ball, so the kitty can carry it in it’s mouth, and feel the weight of the ball from carrying it.

Since it is sold on Amazon, I waited until I got enough Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks (this blog post explains how I do that –How to Get Free Pet Products) to get one with one of our shipments (I am not an Amazon Prime member, so I always wait until I have added enough to my cart to meet their Free Shipping requirements – which is now $49).

I undid it tonight and my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, played it right away – but it took about 12 minutes for them to get into it.  I eventually put it in the hide-a-hole thing on their Cat Power Tower and that’s when Charlie really got into it.  And Chiggy was pretty cute too.  The second half of the video is more exciting than the first half.

Do you have the Petsport Mouse Balls for your kitties?  How do they like them?

Buy Petsport Mouse Balls on Amazon:


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13 thoughts on “Petsport Mouse Balls Arrival Video

  1. lrunning says:

    Might have to try one of these with my Prime Account! My two love to chase a ball from bedroom to bedroom which are across the hall from each other. Of course, I end up doing most of the fetching. Emily likes to carry things like this around in her mouth. Lately, she’s been carrying around the Kong Wobbler Treat Dispenser by the tail. She can’t figure out how to get treats out of it, so I think she’s decided if she carries it around they will eventually fall out! She’s pretty, but not the brightest bulb!

  2. Gary Klinger says:

    Jenny, if your brother has prime, you can have him send whatever you want to you as a ‘gift’, then reimburse him. I did this for my sister over Christmas when she needed something at the last minute. He does have to initiate the transaction (and pay for it from his account). Also, it can be sent directly to you at your address.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Gary – my brother lives one street away, ha! But, I would probably send it to my sister in Missouri, so I wouldn’t have to pay tax. My brother has offered his account to me like that =). I am just not that sort of person in general.

  3. Rose Rowe says:

    Charlie and Chiggy were having a blast, they are so much fun to watch. I’ll have to add this to my Amazon wish list. I don’t have Prime either, what a bummer that free shipping has increased to $49.

    • Jenny says:

      I know, massive bummer – from $25 to $49 in a few years. I think they are really encouraging people to sign up for Prime. I might do it the next time they run a $79 special on it. You can make up the cost of it by getting credits – for example, I guess if you choose a slower shipping option, they will give you a credit on your next order. I don’t know for sure though, until I am a member and can mess around with it. Oh and if you do choose 2-day shipping and it doesn’t arrive in 2 days, you can call and report it and they will extend your Prime membership by another month.

      • Patti Johnson says:

        We’ve been Prime members with Amazon for years now. When they screw up (and in the past few years their mistakes have been increasing immensely!) they will extend your membership by a month. We’ve gotten an extra 3 or 4 months on our membership for the past two years due to shipping mistakes made. Don’t know about the credit option if you choose a different shipping option (as I always want the free 2-day shipping option). 🙂 <3

        Anyway, great review video and watching Charlie and Chiggy was so much fun!!!! Definitely have these mice on my Amazon wish list now. Thanks for another great product review, Jenny! And a big thanks to Patricia for suggesting this product!

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

          • Patti Johnson says:

            We use a lot and the savings on the 2-day shipping option works in our favor with the price of the Prime membership. Plus, some of the benefits are nice (free kindle book each month, prime video, etc…). But our main reason was to get the 2-day shipping as we usually only order items that participate with the Prime program and we get a lot of add-on items that qualify to be included with the Prime membership shipping. Hope that makes sense. 🙂 <3

          • Patti Johnson says:

            P.S. Sometimes I find really good deals via the Prime Pantry schtuff and order grocery staple items from Amazon, too. I get my kitty litter from whoever has the better price (Amazon or Chewy and the same with the Fancy Feast pet food items). 🙂 <3

          • Jenny says:

            my brother and sister-in-law have prime and they are interested in prime pantry, but don’t fully understand it. i am glad i have you as a resource if i do get prime, i will be asking you questions – lucky you.

          • Patti Johnson says:

            lol…ask away. Feel free to e-mail me or text me. 🙂

            Prime Pantry is great but you have to really watch for coupons they are running all the time (sometimes you can get your shipping for free if you happen to need any of the qualifying coupon items). It’s normally 5.99 shipping (per box of items and it keeps you informed of what percentage full your box is as you select items you want to buy). Here’s a link to learn all about it.

            Big hugs! 🙂 <3

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