Petsafe Timed Automatic Cat Feeder

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PetSafe 5-Meal Electronic Pet Feeder

As much as it may concern us there are times when we may have to be away from our cats for an uncomfortable amount of time. Whether it may be work, a business trip or even a vacation a long period of separation may be inevitable. Even if a cat sitter is hired anxiety can result. Is the cat being cared for properly, getting enough food at the right time?

With the Petsafe 5 meal-timed-pet-feeder some of the worry can be stopped. This handy 5 meal electric feeder will assure that the proper amount of food will dispense at the proper time for your cat. There are five one-cup sections which you can fill with food and set the timer to distribute the food for your cat at your discretion. You can even decide when to set treats for cats by setting the treat to dispense when desired.

It is even one of the convenient cat products you can use when you are home with your cat. If you have a cat with special dietary needs this is the perfect appliance to control the portions that your cat is getting. The trays can be washed safely in the dishwasher and it runs on D batteries. As the feeder moves into position, the cats hear the sound and go right for the food, leaving you free to go about your household business without stopping to manually feed them.


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