PetSafe Lickety Stik Product Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

PetSafe Lickety Stik Product ReviewWhen I was first contacted by PetSafe to review their Lickety Stik, I had no interest because I didn’t think the ingredients were OK. But I liked the concept. So I reached out to fellow cat blogger, Liz Eastwood of the Natural Cat Care Blog and asked her to take a look at the ingredients. Liz is a human nutritionist and has done extensive research on cat food products and even has a best cat food list on her blog. Liz responded by saying, “The ingredients don’t seem to have anything evil in them. They include cultured milk, which in my opinion is not a bad thing because it’s cultured and therefore naturally pre-digested & digestible…for most cats.”

So, we tried it. It wasn’t pretty at first – as you can see in the video below it is a small bottle with a roller ball on it – very similar in appearance to roller ball deodorant.  I didn’t know how to hold is properly and I should have shaken it and rolled the ball with my finger to get it going.  Charlie also bit it a few times to try and get to that great flavor he was smelling!

But we soon got the hang of it.  We were sent the Chicken flavor and Charlie is a huge fan:


  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Roller-ball dispenser
  • 1 calorie for every 20 licks
  • Get 250 licks in 1 bottle

The Feline Lickety Stik is available in 6 flavors:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Dairy
  • Beef

You can buy The Feline Lickety Stik for $5.85 online.

I definitely like this product – we loved it and as you might have heard in the videos – I definitely found it humorous to watch Charlie sit there and lick, lick, lick!  I would recommend holding the Stik above your kitty’s head and tilting it down.  Also, think about this as a stocking stuffer!  It’s perfect!

They also make a Lickety Stik for dogs!  Check out PetSafe on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to socialize with other pet owners who might have tried the Lickety Stik!

We received the PetSafe Lickety Stik from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this review.

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2 thoughts on “PetSafe Lickety Stik Product Review

  1. Beth says:

    What a great idea 🙂 Our Sammy Mouse licks everything (including us) so he would probably get a big kick out of it. Thanks for the cute videos, Jenny!

  2. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats says:

    My kitties would love this. Although I think the one, Oliver, would get impatient and just try to chew it!

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