Pets Can Play Ultimate Cat Tunnel Arrives for Review

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For those of you who follow us on YouTube, you are already aware of our product arrival videos.  We put a lot of time and effort into reviews – but I would like more of your help with reviews moving forward.  So, what I am going to do is start to share the arrival videos first and then hope that you guys might ask questions about the product that will help me know what to cover in the review.  Got any questions about this one?

You can purchase the Pets Can Play Ultimate Cat Tunnel on Amazon.

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  1. You asked for questions and you shall receive!

    1) how long is it?
    2) what is the diameter?
    3) do you just buy more of the same to make labyrinths or are there other versions/shapes to use for connections?
    4) where is it made (which country)?
    5) how are the entry holes holding up from the biting from giant kitty jaws?!
    6) how many times did you get nailed by a cat claw as you walked by, not realizing that a cat was inside but they were indeed in there and stalking your shadow?!
    7) price?
    8) how rigid or firm are the bands (the purple parts)?

    I shall stop now with the questions!!

  2. Great intro review. Love Chiggy’s enthusiasm and that speaks for the product the way he jumped right inside! Would like to see if possible how it makes angles. Do you need two pieces or is that one tunnel bendable? That’s my question! Thank you so much♥♥♥

  3. Great video, as always, Jenny! Wow. This looks awesome. I don’t have any questions since Christy and Teresa seemed to have covered all areas pretty well! Kudos on the great questions, Gals!!!! YAY!!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink SugarSleepyPuss (as she’s napping right now) 🙂 <3

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