Petmate Puffy Round Cat Bed – Product Review

Post Published on May 31, 2011 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Maddie in The Puffy Round Pink Cat Bed by Petmate
Maddie in The Puffy Round Pink Cat Bed by Petmate

I want them to make the Petmate Puffy Round Cat Bed in human size.  Seriously, when I asked to test some products from Petmate, this bed was one that I was really interested in because I liked it so much for myself!!

These beds for cats have a micro suede covering on the outside and a micro terry covering on the inside.  The bed consists of high-loft poly-fill.  This bed is very floofy so it is great for needing, if your cat likes to need when she or he wakes up or before they settle down.

There’s a removable, zippered pillow case – so if it gets dirty, it’s easy to throw in the wash.

Hobbs passed out  in The Puffy Round Pink Cat Bed by Petmate
Hobbs passed out in The Puffy Round Pink Cat Bed by Petmate

It is a small bed – it measures 16 by 6 inches and comes in different colors.  In fact, the reason why Maddie and Hobbs (my Aunt’s Ragdolls) product tested this one is because Maddie is a very small Ragdoll cat – she’s about 9 lbs.  I figured she was the only one that could fit.

If you follow on Facebook, then you know that she wasn’t the only one interested.  I pasted tons of photos on Saturday of both Hobbs and Maddie on it.

Hobbs in The Puffy Round Pink Cat Bed by Petmate
Hobbs in The Puffy Round Pink Cat Bed by Petmate

Initially, my Aunt had it in her mud room and we moved it to be on top of the counter, so that I could take photos of Hobbs in it, and well, he didn’t move after I put him in it – in fact he stayed there for hours.  It was so precious.

The fact that when I moved it, the cats were interested in it reminded me of Charlie and Trigg with the Crater Dot and how when it comes to beds for cats it’s all about placement.

My only criticism of this bed is that I wish Petmate made a larger size.  I think it would be ideal for larger kitties.

You can buy it on for $24.99 & it’s eligible for’s FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25 (by the way, if you ever have a situation like that on where the product is $24.99 and you just need 1 cent to get it to the free shipping status, you can find something as cheap as 29 cents sometimes through a website called Filler Item Finder).

They sent us the Pampered Pink color.

Here’s a video I shot of Maddie in the Petmate Puffy Round Cat Bed:

What is your favorite cat bed?

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3 thoughts on “Petmate Puffy Round Cat Bed – Product Review

  1. Makayla says:

    I bought one of these today (I searched hours for this article – I just knew it was reviewed somewhere on here) as I adopted a DSH kitten today and it was reccommended to us by a Petco employee. To sum up what I think of this bed: I’m jealous of any kitties that have this.

    • Jenny says:

      YAY! So glad you liked it – yes, it is wonderful – the one we got was too small for my Ragdolls, so my Aunt’s Ragdoll Maddie was the main tester – I loved the idea of it and wanted one for myself too!

  2. GlamKitty says:

    So cute!! I would definitely get one of these for my Boomer if they came in a larger size, but I just don’t think this size would work. (He’s BIG, lol.)

    So far, the best bed I’ve found (for large/tall/long cats) is actually a floor pillow meant for people. I purchased a nice cushion (for ME!) at Target a few years ago… but it was quickly taken over by Boomer, once we adopted him. It’s approximately 24″ square and about 5 inches tall, so it’s the perfect size for big cats. (And, at $25, it was a bargain, too.) :))

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