Petmate Plush Soft Sided Kennel Cab Large Taupe – Product Review

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Charlie in the soft sided Petmate Kennel
Charlie in the soft sided Petmate Kennel

When we got the big shipment of all the Petmate goodies, the Petmate Plush Soft Sided Kennel Cab Large Taupe, was one of the many products included.

We received the large version of this cat pet carrier, which measures 20″ x 11.5″ x 12″.

I love that this carrier collapses, so that it is easy for storage.  This feature would have been great as well for picking up Charlie because I could have stowed it in my luggage and then when I picked him up in North Carolina, then I could have taken it out of my bag.


soft sided Petmate Kennel
soft sided Petmate Kennel

Some other features/benefits of this travel pet carrier:


  • great for travel to and from the vet or anywhere else
  • great for in-cabin airline travel (meets most requirements – be sure to check with your specific airline)
  • plush bed on the bottom (comes standard)
  • 2-doors allow for top and front loading and unloading
  • mesh walls allow for air flow
  • very easy to carry and not awkward!
  • includes a shoulder strap
  • there’s a rear pocket where you can stuff your pet’s essentials

Charlie also liked the fact that there was a lot of mesh, so that he could see everything.

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Here’s a video I shot of Charlie in the Petmate pet carrier:

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