Petmate Heavy-Duty Cat Dish

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3 PACK ULTRA HEAVYWEIGHT DOUBLE DINER, Color: May Vary - Randomly Picked; Size: SMALL (Catalog Category: Dog:FEEDING ACCESSORIES)Sometimes simpler is better. This heavy duty cat dish from Petmate while simple it is also sturdy and useful. This dish comes with two serving areas and has easy to use handles for handy pick up. How many times has a light-weight cat dish left you cleaning up a mess because the cats have pushed the bowl around like a hockey puck?

No more of that with this heavy-duty dish. This cat product is a dish that comes in two sizes. One size has two 1 cup serving areas the other size has two 2.5 side by side serving areas. This makes it possible to give your cat a variety of choices at the same time. Another use is if you have multiple cats who do not share the same tastes, now you can put both of their favorites into the same bowl using the different sections- very handy for cat snacks.

This product comes in an assortment of colors enough to please any owner. The dishes have thick walls and conveniently come with skid proof feet, hence no more of the aforementioned hockey playing with the feeding dish. This easy to use and practical cat bowl while simple is certainly a must have for the finicky cat or cats in your life.

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